Smoothbore Vizslas
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Mental Toughness
Form follows Function
Smoothbore Vizslas - Our Values
To  "build" a solid hunting dog with a good mind, physically capable of handling the demands of water work as well as field, we  look at these four areas when evaluating our dogs:
We utilize the NAVHDA testing system to evaluate our dogs Versatility, and recommend participation in NAVHDA to anyone embarking on Versatile dog ownership. 
All dogs need a job. Without a job, or sense of purpose, they (like kids) will get into trouble. Our dogs have many jobs, but the one we love to work with them the most with is of course hunting. 
Versatile dogs encounter many hazards. A healthy, stable dog will be able to overcome those issues and continue working.

A healthy, properly built dog will hunt harder, and longer, and with fewer break down issues than one which is not. 

A common saying in the hunting dog world is you cannot train DESIRE - a solid working dog must have enough desire to carry them through the rough spots (be it a hard training day or a run in with porkys).