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2016 Savvy-Baron Litter
Our first litter, earning a NA breeders award, with puppies testing as young as 5.25 months old. These pups have plenty of prey drive, a dense coat, and sweet cooperative nature.  Two pups from this litter have qualified for the NAVHDA Invitational for 2019 - Smoothbores Black Hawk "Bentley" and Merlin. We are looking forward to what these boys will do in 2019!
Smoothbore's Wild Bill Hickock "Merlin" - UTP1 July 2018 (one of the 2016 litter pups).
Smoothbore's Chances Are NA1 June 1, 2018. 
Chance is from the Savvy-Caesar litter. He earned his NA P1 June 2018, and had his first real wild bird hunting that fall on Huns and sharptail grouse. 
News and Reviews for Smoothbore Vizslas
​Merlin was a true gentleman during this test, turning in a near perfect performance. Test highlights include a huge run out for the dragged duck, and charging back down the hill so fast he stumbled and dropped the duck. With no additional command he scooped it back up and came up for a clean retrieve. The duck search started off with my heart in my throat as he made it across to an island, then turned around and saw the large gallery observing him. He surveyed the crowd for what seemed like several minutes, shook his head and snorted, then whipped around to look for ducks. 
Smoothbore's Calamity Jane "Magic" Littermate to Merlin, 2016 litter.
Magic earned her NA P1 in 2017, has had a great season on wild birds, and is training towards her Utility test in 2019.