Smoothbore Vizslas
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Perhaps we are slow learners, but every dog has taught important lessons. This page is dedicated to those wonderful animals who brought us such joy in knowing them, and such sorrow when it was their time to go. 
Askim for Tequila Sophia "Sophie" NA P3
Named after Matts favorite shotgun, Caesar was a stunning Vizsla male who passed away at 5 years old due to liver failure (cause unknown). Caesar was a  Vizsla that knew his own mind. He really came into his own the year he passed, giving us some incredible moments in the field on wild roosters, sharptail grouse, and some snow and speckled geese during his last big hunt. Great memories we are fortunate to have. 
Rockwoods Kivalo Maverick "Mojo" UT P1 NA P1
Mojo was Matts dog from day 1. After Sophies accident we searched for another Vizsla to be our hunting dog. A friend let us know about a breeding coming up at Rockwood Kennels, and we contacted Lee Dosier. At that time he already had 6 buyers lined up on what was the first UT P1 male and female crossing. That litter ended up with 12 puppies, evenly split between males and females. We talked Lee into selling us two puppies - and despite what all the naysayers suggest, raising the two  puppies - Mojo and Karma - was not nearly the burden suggested. 

Mojo had a surgery at 2 1/4 years old, removing two ribs. About 6 weeks after his surgery he became (at that time) the youngest Vizsla to earn a UT P1 - he looked a bit funny with his shaved coat and flat side but he felt great and had a blast - so did Matt! We were able to go out west one last time with this dog where he gave us many wonderful memories working sharptail and Hungarian partridge - and we miss him to this day. 

Smoothbore Vizslas - our lost friends
Kivalos Straitshootnsmoothbore NA P1 "Caesar"
Sophie came into our lives July 2001. The last pick and runt of the litter, Sophie had an over sized heart and spirit. Shortly before she turned 3 years old she was terribly hurt in an accident and lost her right hind leg and some function in her right front. Hard lessons are  usually costly, and we learned many lessons of dog ownership with Sophie. I do believe its true that dogs do not recognize themselves as handicapped, because Sophie sure didn't. We had the pleasure of knowing her 11 years, and laid her to rest in 2012. RIP my old girl. 
Savvy came to us from Janet Wallace - her mom Dart is an AKC triple champion (field, agility and confirmation) and her dad Ozzy is an AKC dual champion (field and confirmation). With this blue blood pedigree, great health and hips, and a sweet attitude Savvy won her place in our home. Savvy earned her UT1 in 2015. Savvy had two litters for us, with our first litter earning NAVHDA breeders awards for NA and Utility. She passed away too early the spring of 2020 at the age of 8. She was my go to grouse dog, best mom ever, a truly loving companion.
Smoothbores Savvy Totem "Savvy" UT P1, NA P1