Smoothbore Vizslas
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Who we went to for our dogs, or who we had the opportunity to hunt over.
Rockwood Kennels  (Karma, Mojo)
Comynara Vizslas (no active website) (Baron)
Vihar Vizslas (Caesar)
Wall Canyon Vizslas (Jasper)
Totem Vizslas (Savvy)
Martinsens Red Point Vizslas (hunted over, dedicated to the hunting dog)
I add to this page as I find information that will be useful to Vizsla owners interested in NAVHDA.

When we started looking for Vizslas that would suit our avocation (NAVHDA as well as versatile hunting) we found it to be very confusing. Unlike many other versatile breeds there were no breeders who specialized in NAVHDA. Expect this to change over the next several years with multiple well qualified Vizsla breeders actively testing and using test results to determine litters. 
List of Vizsla UT and VC dogs
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Training Tips
Helpful Websites (health, puppy rearing).
The Institute of Canine Biology Website

The Institute of Canine Biology "The 10 most important things to know about hip dysplasia"