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We established Smoothbore Vizslas to promote the Hungarian Vizsla in its original role as a versatile,  all-purpose gun dog. To that end we train for and test in the various tests offered by the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). Training for each of the test levels offered allows us to evaluate our own dogs potential as a puppy, and grit and trainability as an adult. NAVHDA requires a significant amount of water work, and if desired fur can be used in part of the tests. This organization helps us maintain the VERSATILE hunting capabilities of this unique breed. 

Matt and Sheryle Tepp

"Versatile: able to adapt or be adapted of many different functions or activities." Oxford English Dictionary

"The Vizsla is a multipurposed dog that is suitable for work on upland game, on rabbits, and for waterfowl hunting." AKC breed description
Litter plans

Smoothbores Calamity Jane (Magic)'s first litter earned a Natural Ability Breeders award, with 4 of her 7 pups (all males) testing this spring, all Prize 1!! I am so very proud of the owners and these pups, and look forward to their accomplishments next year. The boy we kept, Smoothbores Django Un Chained, earned a UT Prize 2 at the tender age of 1 year 2 months. He is a hunting machine that LOVES ducks. 

Based on feedback from the owners regarding their pups hunting abilities, the NAVHDA test results, and the sweet temperament and training ability this litter has shown, we have decided to breed Magic one more time this spring. We haven't settled on a sire yet, but am very happy with what Reggie produced, so want to look for similar traits in the sire.  We have a few openings left on this litter list. 
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